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Published: 16th February 2011
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Networking and WAN optimization vendors F5Networks today released its latest File Storage and management products, products using the new software allows storage managers to better understand the use of paper patterns and trends, in addition to F5 also announced a support 10Gigabit Ethernet ARX series of new products.

F5 With last year to 210 million U.S. dollars to buy storage hardware vendor Acopia ARX platform for trading its success into the storage market. Acopia's ARX6000 is a high-end switch products, the file virtualization market, it's main competitor is BrocadeCommunicationsSystems of NuView, and EMC's Rainfinity and other similar products. ARX6000 can handle up to 2 billion files and 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Today introduced ARX4000 is a smaller, cheaper ARX Series switch products, it can handle 2 billion files and 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports or two 10Gigabit Ethernet ports. F5 said that this was a first for the support 10Gigabit Ethernet switch products. It starts at 18.5 million. It provides a capacity of more than the previous ARX500 and ARX1000.

To help businesses deal with the increasing amount of unstructured data, has introduced Data Manager (DataManager) software, the software can closely monitor the storage environment, analysis of data usage and trends, and then through intelligent file virtualization automatic classification technology to simplify the backup process for administrators to help develop capacity plans. This software can help storage managers understand what type of data the company has, how much capacity is consumed, who uses them and how long those documents exist.

F5's Product Marketing Manager RennyShen said: "The store managers have joked that they liked the first NAS device, but they do not like the 20th Taiwan NAS device. Data management software to support Windows systems, can monitor more than vendor file storage, and then displayed through an interface, so that store managers can more easily develop document management policies. for the management of SAN or NAS storage manager, the price of this product is cheap, and it can store managers to provide some tools to forecast capacity growth and monitor the use of capacity. "

Data Manager software base price of 1,500 dollars, with F5's file system inventory module (FileSystemInventoryModule) after the price of 10,000 dollars.

IDC research vice president of storage systems RichardVillars in a statement that the number of unstructured data growth has a tremendous impact on the storage environment, many IT executives are beginning to realize management of these file-based unstructured data into the data center's many storage administrators priority.

He said, like F5's ARX4000 this product can effectively resolve the management of a large number of profiled file storage environment, which will reduce the failure rate of the existing environment to a minimum.

Just last week, ONStor Pantera integrated company released its software, gateways and storage systems, low-end products that paragraph ONStor's NAS gateway uses and NexsanTechnologies the SATABoyRAID memory. Pantera3100 and 3110-HA file virtualization products are easy to install and manage, you can level at a relatively low cost and efficient services to provide enterprise-class.

ONStor said, Pantera series is designed for small and medium enterprises and developed by the working group, business users can easily upgrade it to expand to increase its capacity or performance. Each product includes a Pantera RAID5 and RAID6 functions, up to 4 virtual servers, snapshots, file system and cluster adjustable function. They offer up to 8GB of memory and four Fibre Channel ports, up to 42TB of SATA hard drives can be connected.

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